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Building a Foundation for Healthy, Active, Living: An Exploration of Early Feeding Practices, Relationships, and the Environment, & How Pediatricians Can Help Prevent Obesity (Presented By: Natalie Muth, MD - 6/9/2021)

Management and Treatment of Childhood Obesity and Connecting to Community Resources (Presented By: Jennifer Paisley, MD, & Helena Laroche, MD - 4/25/2019)

Pediatric Obesity Co- Morbidities: NAFLD, NASH (Presented By: Daniel Dimeo, MD - 4/19/2019)

Early Intervention for Childhood Obesity (prenatal to age 2 years) (Presented By: Jennifer Groos, MD - 4/16/2019)

I/DD Toolkit Webinar (Presented By: Jennifer Groos, MD, Betsy Lin, & Melissa Clarke-Wharff - 12/4/2018)

Motivational Interviewing and Brief Action Planning (Presented By: Jennifer Groos, MD - 4/12/2018)

Clinical Strategies: Stage 1 & 2 Best Practices (Presented By: Jennifer Groos, MD - 2018)

Accurately Weighing and Measuring Pediatric Patients (Presented By: Jennifer Groos, MD - 2018)

Addressing Weight Stigma in the  Clinic (Presented By: Jennifer Groos, MD - 3/20/2018)

Current Pediatric Nutrition Recommendations and Dietitian Linkages (Presented By: Maren Wolff, PhD)

Current Pediatric Physical Activity Recommendations

Pediatric Obesity Co-Morbidities: Type 2 Diabetes (PDF Slides)

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